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Breaking International Barriers Between Investors and Startups

Maximize your impact on the world.

Ventures Unltd is a full suite, end-to-end investment partner. Partnering with international investors and innovative startups, we generate long-term outperformance by helping extraordinary entrepreneurs in North America and India build successful businesses. 


Our Focus Areas

Health & Life Sciences

Discovering new and augmenting current knowledge to solve health problems.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Improving supply chain performance to meet increasing consumer demands and save on costs.

Food Industries

Augmenting food's journey from the farm to the table.

Financial Tech

Innovative financial services that allow smarter earning, spending, and saving.

Enterprise Automation

New automated workflows that drive increased levels of productivity across multiple disciplines.

Direct to Consumer

Unlocking direct access to a massive, digitally-empowered consumer base.



Meaningful and valuable digital solutions that improve quality of life and open doors to future endeavors.

Digital Media Entertainment

Redefining and augmenting the way we consume content.

Our Focus Areas

Real Estate

Digitally transforming commercial and residential real estate experiences.


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